Convert Scanned Documents to Text. JPG to Excel (Part 2/5)

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

JPG to Excel (Part 2/5). How to extract data from scanned documents. From PDF format to images, table and text. New.

What you’ll learn

  • How to convert a scanned PDF to text?
  • Choosing an Python IDE for beginners.
  • How to install Visual Studio Code on Windows?
  • How to install Python?
  • How to run Python in VS Code?
  • How to convert scanned PDF to JPEG?
  • How to Install Tesseract OCR?
  • What is Tesseract?
  • Google OCR in Python with Tesseract.
  • Extract a page from a pdf as a jpeg
  • How to convert a PDF document to images using python?
  • Convert PDF to Image using Python.
  • Install Poppler, Pillow (PIL) module.
  • What is regular expression?
  • How do you match in regex?
  • Online RegEx tester and debugger.
  • Use Findall in Python?
  • Using Regex for Text Manipulation in Python.
  • Add a string to an array.
  • How to declare and add items to an array in Python?
  • Write a function in Python.
  • Save data to Pandas Dataframe.
  • How do I convert address to coordinates?
  • How do you geocode data?
  • Locate the coordinates.
  • How do I find the geocode of an address?
  • Install GeoPy module.
  • Install GDL, Fiona module.
  • Visualize a dataset.
  • Run Jupyter notebook using Kaggle.
  • Python Treemaps with Squarify and Matplotlib.
  • How do you create a TreeMap chart?
  • How to Convert Strings to Floats in Pandas DataFrame.
  • Replacing strings with numbers in Python
  • Plot a DataFrame with matplotlib and seaborn.
  • Plot Geographic Data on a Map.
  • How to use folium with Jupyter notebook?
  • Placing coordinates on a map.
  • How to plot data on maps in Jupyter.
  • Efficiently display a map with CircleMarker().
  • Mapping in Python with geopandas.
  • Black & White map with Folium.
  • Upload files to GitHub.
  • GitHub and how do you use it.
  • Install GitHub Desktop.
  • Sync with a remote Git repository.
  • Adding a repository

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