Building microservices using core 5.0 and docker

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Building microservices using core 5.0 and docker Building Event-Driven Microservices apps Using AspNet Core 5.0, Rabbitmq, Masstransit, Face detection and SignalR Core

What you’ll learn

  • building event-driven microservices apps using aspnet core 5.0, rabbitmq,masstransit, signalr core and face detection


  • Intermediate knowledge of C#


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This course is going to teach you how to build event-driven microservices apps using the  latest dotnet core version 5.0.

While you learn microservices apps, you will practice how to design microservices which communicate via a message bus,  via HTTP Rest and also via  SignalR Core.

The course will teach you the message-driven architecture  as applied to an image processing app through which you will get to learn the important libraries available for image processing with C#.

HAPPY-CODING-JULY-2020Who this course is for:

  • distributed application developers preffering to use aspnet core technoology stack

I have been working in software development industry   as an architect and teacher totaling  12 years now.  Prior to that I had been working  in automotive manufacturing industry for over 15 years  as management professional.  I have a  BSc degree  in Textile Machinery Engineering    from the Leeds University in the UK  and  also an MSc  degree in Software Engineering . I have been teaching mainly software development   with .NET  and JAVA  technologies to various student groups from banking software developer personnel to  IT development company engineers at software

I am the author of a book published in the UK on developing “Practical Image Processing” projects with C# Programming Language.

I have also good experience in  electronics and robotics    and  designed and built many mechatronics involved  testing equipment for the plants I worked.  

Nowadays I am very much into designing and building applications using dockerized microservices with aspnetcore.

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