Complete Python + Django + Data Science course

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Complete Python + Django + Data Science course It’s A Full 12-Hour Python Data Science BootCamp To Help You Learn Statistical Modelling, Data Visualization, Machine Learning

What you’ll learn

  • Get a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language
  • Get Python Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Skills in Your Resume
  • You will understand complex topics like decorators, timestamp, etc.
  • Acquire the necessary Python skills to move into specific industries – machine learning, data science, etc.
  • Data types
  • Indexing & Slicing
  • String formatting
  • Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets
  • Nested loops
  • *args. **kwargs.
  • Lambda expression
  • Multiple inheritance
  • Method Resolution Order (MRO)
  • Modules and Packages
  • File input / output
  • Pickle module
  • Shelve module
  • Error processing
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Decorators
  • Higher order functions
  • @wraps
  • Testing
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • HTTP & API
  • Web Scraping
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Work with CSV files
  • Work with the database
  • Collections module
  • Time module
  • Datetime module
  • pytz package
  • Tkinter module for creating application interfaces
  • Data Science
  • Django
  • and more…


Become a Python programmer and learn one of the most sought-after skills in modern development!

My name is YouRa, I graduated from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in ‘System Programming’ in 2006 and the last few years I have been engaged in IT technologies and the development of mobile and web applications.

This is the most comprehensive, but simple Udemy Python programming language course! If you have never programmed before, if you already know the basic syntax, or if you want to learn about the advanced features of Python – in any case, this course is for you! In this course, we will learn programming in Python 3.

Course is on development stage for now and new materials will be added every month!

Course materials

Python installation

Running Python Code





Numeric Data Types

Print formatting


Built-in functions

Debugging and error handling

External Modules

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