Generate ID Cards with Python

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Generate ID Cards with Python  Learn how to use reportlab, pyqrcode and pypdf2 to generate id cards from the information stored in an excel file

What you’ll learn

  • Generating realistic data with mockaroo
  • Draw on a canvas with reportlab
  • Generate a QR code with pyqrcode
  • Merge canvas and pdf file with pypdf2


  • Basic understanding of python


This course will teach you how to use python to generate ID cards.

During the course you will learn:

  • how to generate realistic data and download it as an Excel file
  • how to start and setup your project in PyCharm
  • how to read data from an Excel file and iterate over it by using pandas
  • how to draw text and image on a canvas by using reportlab
  • how to generate QR code by the help of pyqrcode
  • how to merge canvas and a PDF file template to create new PDF file.

The course consists of an intro and 7 lectures.

Who this course is for:

People with the basic understanding of python who want to know how to use it to work with PDF files and generate a QR codeWho this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developpers curious about working with PDF files

Hi everyone, I need a clue regarding this task. I was given a project on creating a simple tag to identify

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