Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

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Introduction to Biomedical Engineering is a comprehensive survey text for biomedical engineering courses. It is the most widely adopted text across the BME course spectrum, valued by instructors and students alike for its authority, clarity and encyclopedic coverage in a single volume.


  • How to design and analyse the electronics related to the weak signal acquisition, particularly electrophysiology
  • How to analyse electro-mechanical systems and design the closed-loop controllers for them
  • How to code in Arduino for real-time control applications
  • How to code in MATLAB for advanced signal processing

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering. A volume in Biomedical Engineering. Book • 2nd Edition • 2005. Edited by: John D. Enderle, Susan M. Blanchard 

The course is covering the practical basics of almost everything that a modern biomedical engineer is required to know: electronics, control theory, microcontrollers (Arduino), and high-level programming (MATLAB). All covered disciplines do not require any prior knowledge except university-level mathematics and physics. By the end of the course, the students will be able to practically understand and design electronic systems for electrophysiological signal acquisition, connect and program the microcontroller, organise the data transmission between a controller and PC,

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