JavaScript Accordion JavaScript Programming Exercise

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JavaScript Accordion JavaScript Programming Exercise – Please note that the scope of this course using JavaScript creating a JavaScript 

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a JavaScript accordion
  • Apply JavaScript in a project


  • Programming and coding knowledge
  • JavaScript
  • HTML and some programming experience


Please note that the scope of this course using JavaScript creating a  JavaScript Accordion.  If you are looking for a more detailed JavaScript course this course is not for you.  Simple course with limited scope designed to be topic specific.

Learn more about JavaScript and how JavaScript ES6 can be applied to create amazing JavaScript projects.  Course is loaded with JavaScript Examples and perfect JavaScript for Beginners to learn more about JavaScript Online.  Writing JavaScript Code using vanilla JavaScript – no libraries no tricks this JavaScript tutorial will walk you through creating your JavaScript code with JavaScript for the Accordion Project.  Learn JavaScript with this step by step JavaScript Course.

Perfect course for JavaScript beginners to learn more about how to use JavaScript selection of elements and web page content.

Start with a simple JavaScript project creating an accordion that you can use and reuse on your website.

Apply modern JavaScript with explanations of code step by step learning.

JavaScript DOM Document Object model allows us to select and manipulate elements.  Add event listeners and create interactive web pages.

Course covers

  • Setup of basic HTML structure for accordion
  • Setup of simple styling to get started
  • Use of classes to control view area using JavaScript
  • Selection of elements and applying events
  • Click events with class selection and element class list updates
  • Source Code is included
  • Bonus PDF lesson guide

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of Web Development experience.

If you’ve been looking to get started with creating a JavaScript accordion –  THIS COURSE IS FOR 

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