Canva Next Level: Become a Canva Expert

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Canva Next Level: Become a Canva Expert A Content Specialist’s mission will be to coordinate our copywriting processes, as well … This is a rare opportunity for copywriters looking for the next step in their …

What you’ll learn

  • Master Canva and become the designer of your online presence
  • Boost your brand awareness & business growth with Canva
  • Use Canva to get more clients/find a job
  • Stand out on social media news feeds with creative posts and animated stories
  • Design great animated stories for Instagram and Facebook
  • Create your own Bitmojis and start designing with them
  • Build amazing websites and landing pages easily
  • Put together a killer resume
  • Shoot professional photos without a studio
  • Create animated social media posts
  • Design irresistible thumbnails for your videos
  • Bring your designs to life with stunning mockups
  • Design irresistible and convincing Business Proposals
  • Create funny backgrounds to brighten up your Zoom calls


This might sound cliché but trust us: Canva is the perfect tool for you to grow.

It’s perfect to grow your business, grow your career or to grow your nonprofit.

Oh, and this is not just a random statement!

Canva truly has been a turning point in both our professional lives asit has literally helped us 3X our online income and move to Australia to embrace a new life (and a new job).

Diana is a Canva Certified Creative and Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities.

Here’s the deal: our goal with this advanced course is to share with you 10 extraordinary courses which will improve your visual identity, and thus help you be more successfulat a 360º level: web, social media, videos, corporate presentations, business proposals…

You’ll get to learn the key elements of design theory, hands-on practical examples, as well as tips, tricks, and workarounds that arose from

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